Tragedy strikes the EDM scene once more as we receive news that five festivalgoers have passed away while partying at CloseUp Forever Summer in the Philippines.

The show featured artists such as Dimitri Vegas and Like Mike, and Julian Jordan and was attended by around 14,000 people and completely sold out. The event took place last weekend on Saturday, May 21.

The National Bureau of Investigation (NBI) reported that at least two people died from what was most likely drug overdose, and both experienced massive heart attacks. It is not clear what drug was taken and toxicology reports are pending. Reports are also coming in about a substance referred to as “green amore” that is suspected to be the cause of these two fatalities.

According to CNN Philippines, “Pasay City police chief inspector Rolando Baula said they are looking at three possible causes of death — effects of illegal drugs, heat stroke, and poisoning.”

The names of the deceased are Ariel Leal, 22, Ken Migawa, 18, Lance Garcia, 36, Eric Anthony Miller, 33, and Bianca Fontejon, 18.

CloseUp released a statement on Sunday.

H/T YourEDM.