Everyone and their mother seem to have a different solution to the pain that inevitably follows a hard night of partying, but honestly Powerade and coffee don’t always cut it. While there are hundreds if not thousands of hangover “cures,” this one may just be the miracle needle in the haystack. The cherry on top? It’s ice cream.

For hundreds of years Japanese raisin tree fruit juice has been used as a hangover cure in Asia. Now, it comes in ice cream form! The label apparently translates to “Hang in There” in English, a benevolent pat on the back for one stumbling between their dark bedroom and the freezer for another chilly remedy. But it’s true name is the Gyeondyo-bar.

This amazing ice cream was created by the Korean convenience store chain Withme FS. The bars are grapefruit-flavored but the raisin-tree juice is the product’s secret weapon.

The Gyeondyo-bar is currently only sold in Korea, but hopefully with the press gushing over this amazing product the country will be willing to share it with the rest of the world! We certainly hope so.