Streaming service Spotify recently made their financials public and Digital Music News calculated the average salary of their employees to be a massive $168,747. While this average includes all Spotify employees, it is still an impressive number.

Spotify’s earnings begin with the music, but that doesn’t mean artists or songwriters always see much of the profit. According to Trichordist, the average rate for a songwriter is about about $0.00058 per play. They calculated just how many plays it would take for a songwriter to earn the same amount of money as the streaming giant’s average employee and came up with a whopping sum of about 288 million.


It’s not impossible for a track to reach 288 million plays, but a majority of Spotify’s library will never see that number. This is just another reminder of how important it is to be mindful of smaller artists/songwriters and the many ways that we can support them.