After weeks of being left in the dark, law enforcement officials confirmed today that beloved singer and music legend Prince died from an opioid overdose. The singer passed away in the safety his Minneapolis home last April.

The law enforcement official, who has been working closely with this investigation, confirmed the cause of death through post-mortem testing. There is now no longer any official suspicion of suicide.

Prescription painkillers were in the singer’s possession at the time of his death, officials told the media last month. Detectives had already questioned Prince’s doctor twice in the weeks preceding his death.

A police warrant has also revealed that Dr Michael Schulenberg prescribed medication to the singer the day before he died, on April 20th. The warrant does not say what was prescribed, or confirm that these are the same drugs that cause Prince to overdose.

While the world still weeps for the loss of this talented artist, let us also remember to celebrate his life through cherishing the beautiful music he gave us, and judge not the deceased.