Electronic music fans routinely flock towards Electric Forest due to its heavier lineups, which routinely feature Bassnectar. Insomniac Events, led by Pasquale Rotella, took over the Michigan-based festival in 2011 and continue to book popular electronic and jam band artists year after year.

Now, devoted Bassnectar fans have a permanent excuse to attend the festival, due to an agreement with Pasquale Rotella to to make the artist a yearly act.

In the last installment of Night Owl Radio, Insomniac’s online radio show, Rotella and Bassnectar have an in-depth conversation about all things Bassnectar and casually throw in the news that he will be an official part of the festival each year, making him an Electric Forest Resident DJ.

“After last year, you asked if I would come in as an official kind of resident, just to play each year…I just kind of felt like there was nowhere else that felt more like home for that,” Lorin said about becoming a permanent part of Electric Forest.

You can listen to the Night Owl Radio episode in full below, but fast forward to the 39 minute mark to hear more about Bassnectar’s opinion on being Electric Forest’s newest resident DJ.

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