This week sees us head Behind The Bass with electronic two-piece Fabrikate, who have only recently landed their new LP “Bodies” through Kookoo Records. 

You both wear masks, why is it important for you to maintain mystery? 

It’s not easy talking about this but we’re wanted in several States across the USA and would rather not blow our cover. We wear the masks to keep our identities safe, while continuing to do what we love — making people dance.

We have finally got to hear your “Bodies” LP that you have been meticulously crafting. Did you run across any issues collaborating together? 

Actually, never. The studio workflow has been on a consistent roll since we started working together, and we plan to keep it that way.

Do you have a favourite track from the LP?

“Took a Long Time” was the first completed single from the 10 track album, so it will always have a special place in our hearts.

The album has a very varied selection of different genres. Did anyone in particular influence you or did you find you had too many ideas to get down? 

Our philosophy was always just to get in the studio and work on songs inspired by whatever we were listening to at the time. There were certainly a few key role models such as; Giorgio Moroder, Com Truise, Man Parrish, The Disciples, Justice, Kavinsky, Hercules and Love Affair and of course, Daft Punk. Overall, “Bodies” is a fusion of both our musical interests and tastes that we acquired along the way.

Lots of new genres and sub genres have appeared over the last decade. Do you feel that this can take away from music or do you feel that this is part of the experimenting process? 

In all honesty, f**k all that. If it’s a good song which resonates within you, makes you dance, smile, cry, laugh, who cares what iTunes or Beatport labels it? We call it good music.

What’s the one thing, if anything, that you feel needs to change in the music industry at the moment? 

Music piracy. Most people don’t have the slightest clue what type of workmanship goes towards producing a single song, let alone an album. We feel that if awareness was raised a little more aggressively, the industry as a whole would change. More and more struggling artists will have the means to be creative on the daily and not worry about that second job needed to pay the bills. Music pirates don’t consider these things; if they do, and they steal music anyway, they’re just assholes.

Is there a particular ritual you have when producing? 

Traditionally, sessions begin with 30 minute meditation, 100 jumping jacks followed by a nice light snack, a couple other things I can’t appropriately mention and finally an intense game of underwater chess to decide who will be laying the first instrument on the next production.

What else is happening this year for you? 

We just got into competitive figure-skating which looks like it’ll be eating a lot of our time, but we plan to squeeze a tour in there and we have loads of new music to share with you guys! Our Special Edition Vinyl “Bodies” LP is coming in June and that’s a first for us, so we’re stoked for what’s to come!

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