We get talking to young producer and DJ Dion Timmer about his latest EP “My World”, and how he got to working with Excision.

You’ve been making music from a very young age, when did you start producing?

I started messing around in FL Studio when i was about 10 or 11, just cutting up tracks and making my own edits.

Is this something you’ve always wanted to do, or did it kind of just happen?

I’ve never really thought about doing something with music, I used to be into video games but my interest in that kind of faded away.

You’ve made a couple of tunes with Excision now, how did you guys first meet?

My good friend AFK actually let me remix his tune “On The Floor”, he really liked it and he decided to send it off to Excision. After he sent it Excision asked for my Skype, that’s how we got in contact.

‘My World’ is very versatile, with several different styles of music coming through. Where do you largely get your inspiration?

Old school rave music has always been a big inspiration for me, you can find these rave-esque melodies and vocals in almost all of my tracks.

“Money” has a really cool 80’s synth-pop vibe to it. Do you listen to a lot of different music from that time period? Any particular favourites?

“Money” is probably one of the most different tunes on the EP, my goal was to grab all these “neon” elements and make some kind of a hip hop track out of it. It ended up having that synth-pop vibe, even though that wasn’t my intention at all. I love synth-pop but i’ve never really dug into it too much, maybe I should do that for my next EP!

Both Snails and Skrillex have supported your music recently. Who are you really digging right now? 

AFK has showed me some big tunes that should be coming your way soon, and G Jones has been putting out tunes that actually left me mind-blown.

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