Rumor has it Prince has stashed away hundreds of hours of unreleased recorded music, and those lucky enough to attend Milan Fashion Week in Paisley Park this year were given the first taste of his secret tunes.

Fashion designer Donatella Versace, who considered herself a close friend of Prince, revealed that Prince had been sending her never-before-heard music for years before his passing. She said he had sent her music as recently as five months before his death in April. The fashion mogul decided to pay tribute to her old friend in style, on the Versace runway.

“Prince was always writing and recording, even if it was just a late-night jam at Paisley Park,” Versace said. “He had been sending me songs for years – it was his way of communicating. Just hearing his voice again makes me smile.”

Versace shares her praises, saying “It was a privilege and an honor to have Prince as my friend, and so it was my privilege to be able to share them with the audience. I wanted people to hear how playful he was, how joyous, how creative, how pure a genius. The biggest tribute you can pay to him is to play his music, and to keep his memory alive.”

We may have more unreleased Prince music to look forward to in the near future!

Charles Koppelman and Prince’s longtime lawyer, L. Londell McMillan, have been given the task of handling Prince’s entertainment assets, and Kopelman has excitedly added “We’re going to be having a good time. There is so much to be done with this estate. There are vaults full of music.” We can’t wait to experience it.