Festival season is upon us, and it can be daunting if you aren’t prepared. We put together a list of the items we think you should have in order to make this your best festie season yet. Check it out:

1. The first, and probably the most important, item for survival during festival season is a solar-powered USB charger. When your phone goes dead after only the first few hours, a solar-powered charger is a must-have this summer for when you need to find your friends or even find your way home. Out of each solar-powered charger, you usually get around two full charges and it is easily replenished when you are hanging out during the day.



2. The second item on my list is a Drug Testing Kit. You can order a drug testing kit from the Bunk Police that will help you avoid some possibly harmful substances. Out of each kit you can test between 50-100 times and the Bunk Police will walk you through the process step by step. The Bunk Police are available by text message on their hotline at 1-512-200-BUNK to answer questions about misrepresented substances 24/7.


Bunk Police

3. The next item is something I never leave the house without for a long weekend at a festie, and that’s a solid pair of earplugs. After 8-12 hours of loud music and tons of dancing and walking, you’re going to want to rest up.  The reality is there might just be a huge after-party around you, or the music could still be playing. That’s when you whip out your earplugs, grab your favorite blanket and crash out. Another great use for earplugs is to save your hearing when you and your friends decide to rage in the front row and you’re nearly a few feet from the speakers.


Doppler Labs

4. My fourth essential item for this summer is to invest in a good sunscreen. Avoiding too much sun exposure is not only good for your health physically, but also mentally. Using sunscreen during the day and drinking plenty of water is the key to staying in the game longer, plus your body will thank you later. An additional helpful hint is to constantly reapply if you are sweating more than normal because the last thing you want to experience during a long festival weekend is a sunburn or even heatstroke. Wearing a hat or some type of scarf around your head to block the sun is helpful too!


5. Finally, having a flashlight or a lantern is something that is easily forgotten but could make or break your night. After the sun goes down. the festival grounds light up, except the campgrounds can be pitch black (especially the bathrooms). Having a flashlight can make any midnight trips you take a fun adventure versus a tedious task, since nothing is fun when you can’t see two feet ahead of you.