This year’s Electric Daisy Carnival Las Vegas was an immense success that went far beyond a killer lineup and epic stages.

While security had their work cut out for them with 28 arrests the first night, and 40 the second and third night, we are overjoyed to spread the news that not one fatality occurred under the electric sky!

Unfortunately, the event did not go down without some hospitalizations; 5 people were transported to the nearest hospital Friday night and 212 medical calls were made from the festival Saturday, though only 12 people were actually transported. Zero hospitalizations occurred the final night.

This is the first year since 2013 that there has not been a single fatality at EDC.

This is massive, since EDC has been under strong scrutiny since the incident in 2010 that forced the festival to relocate from its previous home in L.A. out to Las Vegas. Since then, EDC has grown steadily, as has its risk of injury as more and more fans flock to fill the venue. The show had great potential to be dangerous as the crowd, numbered 400,000 in size, was paired with the relentless swell of a Las Vegas summer. Whether it was due to the attentiveness of the Health and Safety team, an abundance of free hydration stations, or maybe the growing awareness and maturity of the attendees, this EDC was a glowing example of what every music festival should be.

The news is welcome amongst the avalanche of death tolls that have been reported from festivals around the world as of late. The fact that the arguably biggest dance music festival in the world was able to report zero deaths is extremely significant for the future of EDM. Other cities and festivals will be looking to EDC as an example for how to keep those attending safe and well.

Cheers to many more years like this under the electric sky!