According to the Global Drug Survey , you’ve been doing MDMA wrong.

Dr. Adam Winstock and his crew suggest that instead of taking a larger amount of MDMA at once, a more effective and safe way to use the drug would be to take a dose of about 80 mg.

“Currently one of the issues facing users is that higher dose pills and high purity MDMA powders can make safer dosing more difficult and it is very easy to inadvertently take too much. To this end for me, at least, a pill containing 300 mg of MDMA is not a quality pill. It’s got too much drug in it,” writes Winstock.

He and his team propose that MDMA manufacturers produce pills of a standard 100 mg that can be split into 4 equal parts. They have even come up with a hashtag to help bring awareness: #dontbedaftstartwithahalf.

Though MDMA is an illegal drug, Winstock hopes his research will provide more fun experiences with less risks.

If you want to help the Global Drug Survey out with its research for next year, fill out a survey here.