A new organization, People Against Wack DJs (P.A.W.D.), recently started an online petition to blacklist DJ duo Hippie Sabotage from future festivals and concerts.

During a performance at What The Festival over the weekend of June 17-20, the group assaulted stage security when asked nicely to turn the music down a bit. Hippie Sabotage disrespected the festival staff by putting one of the men into a chokehold, destroying equipment and mouthing off to the fans that paid money to see them. Performers should always remember to remain composed when dealing with security situations; the reputation of the performer and the festival is constantly being analyzed.

Unfortunately for Hippie Sabotage, claiming self defense might not be able to save this duo’s reputation. Currently, there needs to be 1,500 signatures to blacklist the duo from all futures venues and festivals, and right now there are around 1,200. With only about 300 signatures to go, Hippie Sabotage might have sabotaged their career without realizing the consequences of their behavior.

Click here to check out the petition.