If you’re one of the many that fail to believe that Dutch DJ Tiësto is the true identity of masked musician Marshmello, then we’ve got something for you.

A Change.org petition was made last week to coerce Marshmello into performing back-to-back with DJ Dotcom, who many die-hard fans believe to be Marshmello’s true identity. While the petition has no real impact on the touring decisions of either (or the only) artist, it would be wonderful to put the rumors to bed once and for all…if they are in fact false.

For those of you who missed the news, Marshmello took off his helmet a few weeks ago at EDC Las Vegas and “revealed his secret identity” to the massive crowd. Tiësto was revealed underneath the outfit, implying that he is in fact Marshmello. However, it has been noted that Tiësto’s voice is so distinct with his accent that it is a slim to none chance that he is the true Marshmello. Others have noted that Dotcom and Marshmello appear to have the same tattoo on their leg, and that the timeline from when Dotcom’s fame plateaued to when Marshmello hit it big fits pretty seamlessly.

So if Marshmello really is Tiësto, then what’s to hide? Why not?

The petition doesn’t take itself too seriously. Change.org petitions typically have lengthy involved reasons for why the petition is important and needs public support. In this case, petition creator Scott Nyzio simply stated in the description “This would be an amazing set to see, let’s demand a b2b.” Sounds innocent enough.

So far the petition has reached about 1,045 signatures and only requires about 455 more. While the petition is clearly just for fun and meant to poke at Marshmello just a tad, we have to admit it would be a pretty awesome show.

You can check out/sign the petition here.