Sam F, LA-based producer behind the EDM viral sensation and culture spoof “Let The Bass Drop” featured on Saturday Night Live, has come back to comedy to offer up another one of his sick tracks for our entertainment. His newest work “Flicka Da Wrist” has now been featured in an episode of Seth MacFarlane’s animated series American Dad.

In Episode 22 of Season 13, “Standard Deviation,” protagonist Stan Smith is pitted against his CIA supervisor in an epic DJing battle. Before the battle, Stan tells his daughter, rebel hippie Hayley Smith, that he’s found a USB with a set on it by Sam F. Later in the narrative, F’s “Flicka Da Wrist” bass house remix is played out while Smith begins a vivid hallucination. The psychedelic sequence that takes place pairs perfectly with the intensity of the beat, and the episode overall is a hilarious spoof on EDM culture.

Check out the clip from the episode below, and the full remix just below it.