We got speaking to Sweden’s SMILO this week, who have just returned to Universal Sweden with stunning and euphoric single “Young Again.”

So, what made you three want to pool together and craft beautiful music with each other? 

We all worked as DJ’s in the club scene in Stockholm city. Oscar and Dennis made tracks together and sent one of them to me (Arvid). The track turned out to be our single ”Goosebumps”, which got as a record deal.

What’s it been like working with a label such as Universal?

It’s a great asset when it comes to finance and project development. The guys at Universal are really good people and feel more like friends to us than business partners.

Did you find it intimidating trying to get in to the music industry or does it feel like a very nice community to get in to?

The music industry is the most scary, intimidating place in the world, hehe. I mean, the part when you make music and just do what you do best is very nice, but the rest of it can be tough. 

Your latest release ‘Young Again’ is coming out soon. Why did you decide to call it that?

It’s a song about letting go of everything to feel like you’re five years old again. Having no troubles, there’s always something fun to do, and having no worries about the future. Simply the feeling of being ”young again”. 

After watching a few of your videos behind-the-scenes it looks like you had a lot of fun making the track. Was this the case?

YES! The making of ”Young Again” was really fun. We got to work with talented people and a bunch of kids recording vocals for the ”choir” parts in the song. It came together well and we are happy we did it! 

What else do you have in store for us this year?

We have been making very happy songs with a lot of sing-along parts, and we are going to continue doing that, but with a more clubby sound.

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