Following the unexpected death of music legend Prince, the UK trio Nero shared their cover of the unreleased track “Electric Intercourse.”

“Electric Intercourse” was played live by Prince at the iconic Minneapolis nightclub First Avenue in 1983. Nero explains on Facebook “It says something about the greatness of an artist when such a cool song doesn’t make the grade.”

Back in 2012, Nero set up a grand piano, some synths, drum pads and a microphone in the live room and completed the demo in a couple of takes. Nero’s version is an example of their classic retro-future sound paired beautifully with the angelic vocals of Alana Watson.

Prince is known to be one of the most dedicated musicians of modern times with enough unreleased music to put out an album every year for a century. Nero follows the same path of dedication with almost a whole album’s worth of unreleased music.

“We thought we’d share this with you and pay homage to one of our absolute heroes and without doubt one of the greatest writers, musicians and performers to have ever lived.” – Nero, Facebook.

The track can be found below and on Nero’s Facebook page.

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