Mimi Hearing Technologies, an innovator of smart-phone based tools meant to enhance your audio experience, has created an app that uses a medically-certified hearing test to create a personalized “earprint” to form the perfect sound for your ears. The app syncs with Spotify, SoundCloud and iTunes, and increases clarity, richness and quality of the sound in under two minutes. The app also helps those with hearing loss by increasing the volume of voices and atmospheric sounds and works with all headphones or earbuds. Approximately 600 million people suffer from hearing loss, including one in five teenagers.

“Mimi Music represents a significant milestone for hearing technology as the only app optimized for different human ears, no matter what earbuds they use. Mimi Music will not only help those with hearing loss to enjoy the sounds of life, but will also help all audiophiles achieve the highest quality audio experience.” – Philipp Skribanowitz, Mimi Hearing Technologies co-founder and CEO

All you have to do is take the Mimi Music Hearing Quiz, play music from Spotify, SoundCloud or iTunes, and tune your music using the Mimification Slider to your specific preferences and surroundings.


The app is available for free on the Apple App store. It will be available for Android in beta later in the summer.