The news that Tomorrowland is expanding to Thailand has just been proven false.

After SFX’s rapid growth and ultimate bankruptcy this year, it seems Dutch entertainment enterprise ID&T is looking to take things slow and steady to avoid meeting the same fate.

The production company stated that the rumored expansion to Thailand was the result of a mistranslation from Thailand’s Post Today. What World Planet Entertainment’s managing director Chatri Tungthiankul actually said was that Thailand “should be looking to host an event such as Tomorrowland.”

While Tomorrowland Thailand is still only a dream, it seems to be not a terribly distant one. Tungthiankul made this hopeful statement for the future of music festivals:

“We will also have to be ready to facilitate the journey for festival-goers from other countries, specifically at the immigration control, because when people travel to the festival in other countries – Belgium, Brazil and the US – their personalized festival bracelet does all the work, including that of a passport.”

While the concept seems a little far-fetched given all the security protocols that exist for international travel today, especially given all the violence happening in the world right now that is the cause of such crack downs, we can still dare to dream about tomorrow.