As of last year, Norbert Selmaj held the record for the world’s longest DJ set, clocking in a 200-hour performance in Dublin, Ireland. Now, the spot has been taken over by a Nigerian DJ.

DJ Obi, who is the son of the late Dr. Levi Ajuonoma, an accomplished broadcaster, and former NNPC management staff, just claimed the rights to the record, due to a 230-hour set. As allowed by the official rules, DJ Obi was allowed a single two-hour break per day in order to sleep (this means he slept a total of 20 hours for 10 days.)

“I hadn’t slept for maybe 4 or 5 days, I woke up hallucinating, I wasn’t in control of my body… People kept using my dad as a reference point, because you know, I’d lost my dad – and you know, ‘he’s going to be disappointed if you stop, you have to keep pushing, he’s watching you, he’s looking.’ But that’s really what kept me going.”

Check out a snippet of Obi’s record-breaking set below.