According to news outlets in Hungary, as many as six girls were found in EDM duo DVBBS’ dressing room, and two were unconscious. This news follows DVBBS’ set Saturday evening at Balaton Sound music festival in Hungary.

This is not the first time that the duo has made unfortunate headlines. Remember the Kesha incident? Festival attendees report that the two girls were in the front row during the set and were invited on stage. They were later invited to come backstage by the artists. It is also mentioned that the girls would not have had access to the dressing room without being accompanied personally by the artists.

After the show, a member of the staff found the girls in the dressing room backstage, alone and unconscious, and one was critically ill. The festival staff members present said the rest of the conscious girls ran away before the ambulance came and authorities could arrive. The two remaining girls were rushed to the hospital and festival healthcare director Windy Geza says that none of the girls required serious medical attention.

Though the festival staffer immediately phoned for an ambulance, DVBBS were apparently already on their way to the Budapest airport. Updated reports have indicated that four men, including the duo, were arrested at the Liszt Ferenc International Airport in Budapest on drug-related charges after police discovered marijuana paraphernalia. Three of the suspects reportedly tested positive on a rapid drug screen.

Somogy County Police have indicated that the two incidents are definitely related, and have alluded to possible sexual violence as well, though no charge has been made. Their upcoming performance at Sziget Festival in Hungary was cancelled as a result of this incident. Several parents have come forward to press charges, including a popular Hungarian journalist whose daughter was one of the two rushed to the hospital.

DVBBS responded to an inquiry from Hungarian publication Index. The English translation is below:

“We are shocked that some attendees of the Balaton Festival (sic) were victims of events which got them hospitalized. Police asked our cooperation for the investigation and of course we did what we could. Police confirmed there isn’t any link between us and what happened, that’s why we took off a couple of hours later to our next gig in Ibiza. There is another case going on independently from this in connection with marijuana and we gladly answer all questions regarding this and help the police to solve the case. Our thoughts are with the victims and their families. Alex and Chris (DVBBS).”

(Dancing Astronaut)