This week we go Behind The Bass with electronic two-piece Majestique, who are currently dazzling fans with new EP Science Of The Heart.

There’s a strong 80’s vibe throughout the EP – what artists/sounds in particular inspired this?

As we grew up in the late 80’s and totally obsessed by synthesizer based music. Examples are Jean Michel Jarre, Vangelis and Giorgio Moroder.

Is there a set way that you work together when producing, or does it just happen?

[Thomas] Most of the time it just happens. It all started in a studio where Jordi was settled a few years ago. His studio was next to a company called Sonic Traffic which collects analog synthesizers for recording purposes. We decided to take a full week off, took our sleeping bags and make music with access to all those machines without any mission. After a full week of producing, lots of beer and fun we suddenly wrote 20 tracks. After that week we met a lot of times to finish those tracks and come up with new ideas.

What else are you both working on right now? 

Currently we are working on our next EP called “Overload” which is the second one in a series of three. After we released all three of them they will be merged into the album “Majestique”.

How long did this new selection take to write?

It must’ve been 4 years ago we started writing these songs, all of them existed in the week we mentioned earlier in Jordi’. Revised them many times and waited for the right time to release them.

How would you sum up the creative process behind it?

We don’t think there’s really one way to sum this up because it differs from time to time. Sometimes Jordi writes an idea at home and sends it to Thomas and sometimes the other way around. Then we start sending parts back and forth and record new parts on top of them. I think a couple of tracks have been bounced like 12 times before we finished them.

When can we expect your next release, and will it be through Dirty Soul as well?

The next release will be the earlier discussed “Overload EP” with Hero Baldwin. Which will be released in a couple of months. Also through Dirty Soul, those crazy bastards!

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