Dubstep producer and DJ Spag Heddy has steadily secured a insanely devoted fanbase over the past several years due to a devoted work method and floor-shaking productions. We had a chance to get to know him before he heads off for a massive American tour, and we are giving you the chance to win two tickets to see him throw down at District N9ne in Philadelphia. Check out the interview and our giveaway below.

Thank you so much for taking the time to speak with us. First things first, it’s evident that you have been producing for a very long time now. What made you want to get into it? 

You’re welcome! I come from a family of musicians and have always played drums, and a little basic piano and guitar. On the keyboard we had at home I would make ‘songs’ with the 5-track record function, like, all day every day. It was in that time – around my 16th – that I realized I felt the need to create music productions. Hiphop was seeing glorious years in the Netherlands and so I was a fanboy making beats for anyone to use. Later when the dubstep wobbles were hype, I fell in love and hoped – obviously not expect – to ever make a living of it.

You grew up in Holland, but are now based in Spain. Do you think living in Spain has been a major component of your success?

I’ve only been for about a year now, finally settling with my girl, which is what we’ve been wanting for a long time. So that feels good, and I think that maybe shows in productions too. So not specifically Spain – there is basically no dubstep scene – but being able to do the things and make certain choices in life I’ve dreamed of for years are helping. Them feelz!

Your “Don’t Let Me Down” remix just hit a million plays on SoundCloud. How was that feeling?

Like a million of pleasant tickles everywhere 🙂

Who are some artists that you look up to or draw inspiration from?

Skrillex is an all-time favorite. Nowadays my other main boys are Soltan, Tisoki, Zomboy, oh and Eptic is also an all-timer actually.

Do you have any interests outside of music that fans might not know about? 

I devour heaps of pasta. But that’s obvious. I /do/did graphic design actually. And I love beach strolls with bae. I’m a romantic cheese.

Congratulations are in order for your massive upcoming tour. What can fans expect to see from you at these shows?

Expect a wild high-energy ride in the Pastanistan Express through lots of classics and fresh new melodic/heavy/wonky/saucy riddems. Can’t wait to test some of these new remixes and collabs that are in the works.

What are some of your other plans for the rest of the year? 

There’s another tour in Australia/New Zealand coming up which I’m crazy stoked for. Also various other shows worldwide. In between everything I’m making more and better music than ever, the cooking never stops!

We are giving away two GA tickets to catch Spag in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania on July 28 at District N9ne. Check out the rest of his tour dates here and then enter below!

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