On July 10th, a night out turned for the worse when Laura Nichol was escorted out of XS Las Vegas. The next day, Nichol turned to Facebook to detail the events of the night. In her post, she writes that a man groped her multiple times while in the pool. Her full story can be read below.

After club security came to the scene, Nichol was detained, questioned, and banned from Wynn and Encore properties. Nichol writes that while the female officers were sympathetic, the male officers were disbelieving and extremely sexist towards her.

Wynn/Encore Group released a statement to Billboard, saying:

“We would not want any guest to have the experience that has been reported. We take safety and security very seriously and act immediately when any assault is reported. In this case, both guests were actively involved in a physical altercation in a pool when our security reached them. As with any act of violence between two people in the club, they were separated, restrained and interviewed. Upon hearing the two conflicting reports, we contacted Las Vegas Metro Police to take action they believe appropriate. Clearly, investigation and prosecution of an assault rests with law enforcement and the courts. We have reached out to the female guest to offer whatever assistance we can.”

The Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department have no comment except that they are “looking into the criminal allegations and the claims as described in Ms. Nichol’s Facebook post.”