Tascione’s Smoke and Mirrors EP has just arrived through UZ’s Quality Goods Records, and its a killer combination of sounds.

With his catalogue of tunes gaining the support of industry leaders such as The Chainsmokers, Adventure Club, UZ and more, Tascione now offers the 4-track EP as a chance to get to know his distinctive style a little better.

Making the impact first, comes the EP’s title track ft. Ian Everson; those smooth vocals providing a slick opening before the built-up tension descends into a bass-ridden, suitably weighty breakdown.

Tascione has worked with Kompany for “Paranoia,” this one an atmospheric, murky number before “Lights Out” drops, which is an explosion of tightly knit riffs, catapulting drops and just hints of super pitched up vocals. “Enigma” is a thoroughly triumphant closer, with glorified drums and horns taking hold of the buildup – while screeching and wretched synths create that oh-so memorable drop.

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