“Unlike any other tune I have heard all year” ­- Daily Beat

Brooklyn-based producer Element returns this week with his future bass original “Can’t Have You,” featuring Eileen Young. The rapper-turned-producer explains that this song is about how it feels to not be able to be with that special someone. The song starts out with beautiful, echoing vocals and a chill vibe picking up into a glorious mixture of future bass with a strong backbone in hip-hop. Give it a listen for yourself here:

When 20-year-old Eileen Young sent over her vocals for the track, the lyrics reminded him of his high school days crushing on a girl who was taken and is now his girlfriend. “Being able to paint a picture of my past and work with a powerful singer-songwriter like Eileen has made this experience incredibly fun” he remembers.

Chris Cruz, aka Element, grew up in San Francisco with the dream of becoming a rapper. In order to make a name for himself, he collaborated with some of the bay area’s local rap stars Big Rich, San Quinn, Clyde Carson, and Ghost. Highly ambitious, the rapper went on to pursue his other dream of starting a tech company. It was during this time he studied music theory and learned to how to play the piano as well as produce. His goal as a producer is to take elements of his past in hip-hop and combine it with his knowledge of music theory, and infuse his beliefs and emotions into his music.

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