Steve Aoki is one of the most noted DJs on the scene today, both for his raw musical talent and his party-animal stage presence. Our favorite cake-throwing artist and Dim Mak label-head is no stranger to headlines, yet given his massive popularity it’s surprising the tabloids don’t give fans more about the personal life and beginnings of the man behind the music.

Here are some things you may not know about Aoki. He suffered some adversity at start of his career due to his reputation as a “trust fund baby” of sorts due to an inheritance from his father, the late Rocky Aoki, which provided Steve with an advantage most EDM artists don’t have early on. He’s obsessed with the Marvel mutant Wolverine, he’s set to be featured in a new video game for the Dragon Ball franchise, and he aspires to DJ on Mars someday.

There is much about this artist and his backstory that is unknown to the majority of his fans, which is Netflix has decided to run an original documentary dubbed “Steve Aoki: I’ll Sleep When I’m Dead” to give audiences more of an in depth view of the man behind the party-animal.

The documentary’s preview, which is available below, shows interviews with Diplo, Travis Barker, and Aoki himself. The piece intends to tell an introspective story about Aoki’s rise to fame, his beginnings as a “trust fund baby” and to show the influence Aoki’s wrestler/restauranteur father had on his business practices and his character. The documentary intends to be an intimate and contemplative look at the life of Steve Aoki behind the stage, and before the fame.