A new festival essential.

Maybe you’ve heard of The Festival Guy, and no not the guy crawling around in a mushroom suit at Bonnaroo or the guy with a unicorn mask on his head in the neon pink tank top railing it at Bassnectar. We mean the self-proclaimed “weird gone pro” festival guru who runs his own EDM based news blog in addition to making appearances in television, news articles, podcasts and even wrote his own book…all to the ends of making festivals better and their attendees safer.

So when The Festival Guy told us there was something on the market (and legal) that would make partying ‘til the sun comes up even better, we had to get the scoop.

Now you may have heard about the hangover miracle-cure ice cream bar, but unfortunately unless you live in Korea you’re straight out of luck for having one of your own. However, this B1 (or Thiamin) vitamin patch has just hit the market the United States, and it might just be the one true cure to a night of heavy intoxication (alongside water and rest, of course).

So more about the product: B1 is an essential component in the body’s ability to produce energy and metabolism. Without a sufficient amount of Thiamin, nearly every part of the body can feel as though it’s suffering from an extreme crash, which is exactly what happens when alcohol is thrown into the mix. When enough alcohol is consumed this Thiamin is wiped out from your system, causing your hangover aches and pains. This patch contains 75mg which is slowly absorbed through the skin, helping your body maintain sufficient levels of the vitamin. Basically, it takes the vitamin your alcohol is kicking out of your body, and slowly integrates it back into your system while you party so that your hangover is significantly less intense later on.

These miracle patches are available at http://www.raveready.com/ for only $3.49 a pop! It’s called the Festival Better Patch, and I can’t wait to load up on some for my friends before festival season is over! & It makes for a thoughtful gift for that special raver in your life.