If you cringed at the term “female producer,” don’t worry–so did we. In a predominatly male-dominated industry, it’s hard to come by a female producer/DJ without naming the predecessor. But what’s important is that these rising producers are forcing the world to drop the label and let the artist just be whatever and whoever the f*ck they want to be. The following five producers are some badass females that we have been feeling and think that you should be too. Surely you’ve heard of a few, but check out our complete list of the top five producers that we think are killing it right now.


CRAY has been gaining massive attention this month. She’s a Canadian-born and LA-based producer and DJ who just played her first show with huge names Hermitude, Stööki Sound, and KRNE. Her discography includes everything from future bass to minimal trap to what is next to be a heavy trap banger, which she previewed on her Snapchat earlier this week. In only a year, CRAY has seemed to explore all areas of the trap realm, while keeping true to her identity. We can’t wait to see what’s next for this one.

2. Whipped Cream

Canadian talent Whipped Cream already has a healthy fanbase, thanks to her heavy edits, originals and collabs that make you want to listen over and over (guilty). She knows exactly what she’s doing when it comes to production, and heavily throws down as a DJ as well. Whipped Cream never holds back and it’s only up from here.

3. Internet Daughter

Another talented Canadian artist on our list comes in the form of Internet Daughter. Having garnered support from names like UZ and having provided an official remix for Felix Cartal, this rising producer already has a steady list of releases. Her latest track on Activia Benz is a massive original that might be her best production yet, although it’s honestly hard to choose just one.

4. Jessica Audiffred

This trap queen is already massive in her hometown of Mexico City, but she has been steadily making waves throughout the US as well. Having recently played EDC Mexico and LIC Mexico, dropping releases on Nest HQ and YourEDM, it’s only a matter of time before this badass chick makes her way throughout the US festival scene.

5. Rezz

Sure, you’ve probably heard of her, but in case you haven’t, Rezz is the last producer on our list. Also Canadian (what witchcraft are you guys doing over there?), this dark producer is a quickly becoming a pretty big deal. She picked up a producing a couple of years ago after watching a deadmau5 live stream and never turned back. It worked, seeing as her work has been signed to his label, mau5trap. Rezz has devoted her life to her heavy and mysterious tunes and that is why we love her. Her sets, which are mostly comprised of her own music, are “hypnotic,” thanks to her swirly goggles that make her look exactly like her logo.

Let us know what you think and feel free to tell us if you think we missed anyone on this list!