We had a chance to get to know the Australian-born producer Japanase Wallpaper, AKA Gab Strum. Not even at the age of 18 yet, he has already supported M83, CHVRCHES, Thundercat and Beach House. Even Lorde and Gotye have given him a nod.

Japanese Wallpaper just put out a brand new single, “Cocoon,” so we picked his brain about his inspiration behind the track and found out more about the young talent.

How long have you been making music?

I started learning the piano when I was six and I guess I’ve been making music ever since. Japanese started towards the end of 2012 though.

What was the inspiration behind “Cocoon?”

Lyrically, Cocoon is about my tendency to overanalyse everything that happens to me and also my shyness around new people. That said it’s also about beginning to feel less scared of putting myself out there, both in a lyrical sense and also in terms of my songwriting and production – it’s the first song I’ve released with my vocals on it.

Who have you been listening to lately?

Today I’ve been listening heaps to a beautiful producer from the UK called Jamie Isaac – his album just came out and I’m pretty obsessed with it.

Would you say you’ve changed at all as an artist since your EP last year?

I think so – I’ve certainly become more confident in my craft and ability. The last record also only had featured vocalists, but since then I’ve started singing on my new material as well.

Is there anyone you’re really interested to work with?

So many people! Lately I’ve been really into the new Avalanches album – I would love to spend a day learning some of their tricks.

What are some of your plans coming up? Any big shows?

Hopefully 2017 will see lots of international touring and a full length album….

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