The “underground” scene has been making waves lately, as artists like Alexander Lewis and Y2K have gradually been poking their head out into the mainstream light. Garnering over 50 thousand followers on SoundCloud each, it’s no surprise the music world is finally starting to recognize their unmistakable talent. This flip of Hudson Mohawke‘s trap anthem, “Chimes,” is perfect proof of that innate versatility.

The track perfectly emulates the instant success of Alexander Lewis’ most recent trombone flip – a jaw-dropping take on Mr. Carmack‘s sacred canon, “Pay For What.” This time, however, Lewis enlists the help of producer Y2K, and the result has me in a permanent state of angry-face. Opening with a blissful piano arpeggiation, it instantly lures you in with immense anticipation. Muffled snares lead you into the world-famous synth melody, causing you to instantly remember all those commercials and concerts that were responsible for countless amounts of head-bobbing. The classic “HOO” makes its scheduled appearance, and you are subsequently sent into trap heaven by an ensemble of colossal horns.

Listen to the track below to truly gain the full experience, and let us know what you think!

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