We were given the amazing opportunity to get to know the dynamic duo behind KLYMVX (pronounced “climax”) and learn a little about their backgrounds and what inspires them.

Thanks so much for taking the time to talk with us. To start, did you both grow up in Paris together? How did both of you meet?

Thank you for having us!
Hovig grew up in Paris but Axel actually grew up near Nantes (Machecoul).
We met at our audio-visual school (ESRA) in 2011 in Rennes. We noticed that we shared exactly the same passion for music and that our tastes were really similar, so we became friends!

What was the music scene in Paris like when both of you were starting out your careers as DJs?

The music scene in Paris was and still amazing, there are so many talents out there!

Do you have a favorite song or album that inspired you?

You know we like all music genres from Hip-Hop to Classical Music, so to be honest we can’t really tell you only one favorite song or album. We pick what we like in lots of different styles to create our own, and can find inspiration in everything around us: a view, a smell, a memory or a feeling.

What made you passionate about Tropical House as a genre in particular?

Tropical House was a good way to express ourselves when we started. We wanted to share good vibes and this style is perfect for it. You can chill, you can dance and you even can sleep with this style of music, it’s amazing! But now we’re trying to speed up a little bit, as we evolve so does our music. Tropical House was a beautiful part of our musical journey; it was the beginning. We want to make everything we love, so you’ll see!

How do you decide which songs you want to remix?

We remix songs that we love. What is amazing now is that we have requests from artists themselves and we are free to accept or not. For example we had the privilege to remix Charlie Puth’s song ‘One Call Away’, his label Atlantic Records asked us to remix his single because he wanted a tropical house touch. It was an amazing moment.

Do you have an all-time favorite place in the world to perform? Are there any festivals or cities in particular you are hoping to play in the future?

We would love to perform at UMF in Miami; it’s definitely a career goal for us! And also to have a US and Asian tour, and a European one as well… Yeah, we want to perform everywhere!

Do you have any advice for fans who aspire to work in the music business?

Our advice is to never give up. Sometime it’s hard, we’ve been through shitty moments ourselves, but take all those moments as lessons. Don’t let anybody tell you that it’s impossible; as long as you trust your work everything is possible. It does sound cliché but it’s true. And one more important thing: surround yourself with good people, people who believe in you, in your music.

Thank you so much for taking the time to share your lives with us. We look forward to following your career and to chilling out by the pool with ‘Come Closer’ this summertime.