Commerce City, CO- Residents of the city within a 4 mile radius of Bassnectar’s “Basscenter” concert not only heard the music, but felt it.

“I thought it was an earthquake. I looked and realized it was bass,” said Joe Quillin in a complaint to the Commerce City Council. The boom and bass was so loud that it actually shook porches and floors of nearby households.

Last year, neighbors of Red Rocks Amphitheater in Morrison, Colorado, complained about the noise level of Bassnectar’s music. As a result, the decibel levels were restricted so much that Bassnectar himself became banned from the venue. This past fall, the DJ made hints to fans about the ‘Basscenter’ event via Twitter saying “fans and music lovers deserve the experience they expect- full sonic immersion. Not too loud but not too quiet. Colorado deserves the BASS.” Bassnectar stuck to his word, that’s for sure.

Despite complaints, the Commerce City council says they cannot denounce Bassnectar from playing because he was within the permit guidelines. The city says that they will review the process of issuing concert permits, but aren’t promising any change.