From the small, but successful, label Fantôme de Nuit, comes this one of a kind EP, Pandora’s Box. Like the name, the tracks are full of strange and fantastical sounds; think Greek myth meets deep space. The head honcho of Fantôme, Technophile, teamed up with his friend and accomplice, Rolbac, to create this undeniably beautiful compilation.

Technophile and Rolbac, two young DJs hailing from Beirut, Lebanon, have come a long way together. The former is a solo artist as well as the house DJ for famed Uberhaus, aka The Garten club in Beirut. Rolbac does work for labels such as Einmusika Recordings and Cohesive. The pair has come together to create a mysterious nocturnal tech house sound that abandons you in your dreams.

Opening up Pandora’s Box is the titular track, a supple tech house song filled with neon chords and steady, sombre synths.  “Melqart” is a strange cosmic beat complete with spaceship sounds and deep drums, with just a tinge of funk to it. “Lunar Station” is straight up sci-fi with a truly freaky heartbeat-like intro. The slowest and most contemplative track by far is “Cosmic Frog,” with its breathy feminine vocals and churning, paced drums; it was a hard decision, but this track is my personal favorite. The tempo picks back up for the big finish with the “Melquart” remix by US veteran producers Dance Spirit, with its machine-like clicks and spine-tingling melodies–it is the perfect finale.

This EP is full of soul, and a flawless compilation for the wandering space cadet inside us all.