NGHTMRE and Flux Pavilion recently debuted their highly anticipated collaboration, “Feel Your Love.” Along with the track came a music video, which has since been taken down.

The visual artist behind it all has been accused of stealing original content from other artists for the creation of the video. An artist named kyttenjanae took to Facebook to accuse him of appropriating her material, as well as that of artists “Kidmograph, Hexeosis, Pi-Slices, Zolloc, Popsicle Illusion, Falcão Lucas, and more.”

The artist sent kyttenjanae the following email regarding the scenario:

“Just letting you know I do these videos for fun, there was no money exchanged for the Feel Your Love video.    

The label was aware that I would be sampling/editing a collection of content from all over.   

I don’t want to not create these edits, as my end product is always something entirely new than just a single piece of content sampled & it’s just something I really enjoy doing.  

I’m currently working on a website/portfolio to house my edits, where I’ll be able to feature each video along with full attribution/link to the many pieces I sampled & the artists that produced them.”

The video has since been taken down.