We’ve snuck Behind The Bass with the awesome Bakermat this week, whose latest tune “Living” we can’t get enough of. Check out what he had to say about making the single, and more, below.

How has the reaction been to “Living”? Is it one of your proudest productions to date?

It definitely is. I was a bit nervous about what my fans would think, since the track is a different style than what I usually produce – but the response has been absolutely amazing! I got so many heartwarming messages and comments, so I’m very happy with how the track was received. Also got very good feedback from my peers, which I think is always important.

You’re playing a UK exclusive at SW4 Festival – what can fans expect from your live sets?

My live sets are all about “feelgood”. I want to give people a euphoric experience and let them enjoy the music, without having to worry about ‘being cool’ or looking good. I always want my crowd to be so sucked into the music and show that they forget their surroundings. I’m a very enthusiastic performer and you will definitely see me dancing on stage as well, haha!

Are you looking forward to your From Amsterdam With Love tour?

This time I’m teaming up with my buddy Sam Feldt and it’s going to be a hectic, but 100% fun tour for sure. We know each other really well and get along perfectly, so yes, I’m really looking forward to this tour!

Do you have a release date for your next album?

I’m not planning to release an actual album anytime soon, but I will release a lot of EP’s and singles! I have so much ready to release, I can’t wait to throw it online.

What were the main influences when recording “Living”?

Well obviously the creativity of Alex Clare. He’s one of the most original and refreshing singer/songwriters out there right now, in my opinion. He wrote the lyrics and sang them, I produced the record. It was a great match musically right away, since we understood and respected each other a lot. Since the lyrics were so empowering and inspirational, I wanted to enforce that with the production and really put the emphasis on power.

You kick-started 2016 with the release of “Ballade” and “Games”. Why did you choose to put out two 2-track EP’s instead of releasing singles?

Both EP’s were for me more of a creative outburst. I didn’t think they would be appropriate for radio or something, but more for a niche of people that would really love it. I really felt the urge in the beginning of this year to make something entirely different than what I usually do and experiment a little. The EP’s are still one of the releases I’m most proud of!

Are there any more collaborations in the pipeline?

Well I’ve always been a big fan of sampling old soul, blues, gospel and jazz stuff. I have a couple of records coming with samples. But a new project with an unknown Dutch singer is coming, and I’m also working on another experimental EP for the beginning of 2017!

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