Lipless’ debut EP “Wake Up Call” is a groovy, feel good synth-pop smorgasbord brought to us by Kaskade’s own Arkade Records. Lipless made his big break with his remix of “RYX – Only” with Kaskade by his side, which amassed over 700,000 plays in less than a month. His first-ever EP with Arkade comes complete with features from Georgi Kay and Haley and is truly something special.

The EP is three tracks long and starts out with “Give Me a Sign”, a lyric heavy and breathy electronic beat that’s quick to get you on your feet. The titular song, “Wake Up Call”, is a complex cacophony of wistful vocals and smooth techno leading to a truly groovy, introspective drop. The final track is “Two of Us”, a mixture of heartbeat rhythms and bubbling effects that lift one up into the drifting lull of electronica nirvana. The cadence fades out into sweet silece, leaving the listener feeling refreshed and calmed.

Check out his EP below and let the good vibes flow: