Massive Attack came together with John Hillcoat, the director of The Road, to create a piece of musical cinema as intriguing as it is disquieting. The track features vocals by Hope Sandoval and comes from Massive Attack’s new EP of the same name, “The Spoils”. The video stars Academy award winning actress Cate Blanchett, famous for her leading roles in Blue Jasmine, The Aviator, and most recently, Carol.

The video focuses on the visual of Blanchett’s beautiful face becoming distorted, melted and decomposed through a series of different mediums. Hillcoat himself directed this video. The song is the second of a two-part release with “Come Near Me” as the first, a dark and simple story that is unnerving to the core. The track is utterly haunting and introspective, as one can always count on with Massive Attack, and their vocals are sublime as always.

Watch Blanchett’s chilling transformation below:

Earlier this year, Massive Attack announced plans to release two EPs and an album in 2016. So far, they’ve released January’s ‘Ritual Spirit’ EP with the title track video starring Kate Moss. ‘Ritual Spirit’ includes four tracks released by the band via the app Fantom. On July 26 Massive Attack previewed three new songs, “Come Near Me”, “The Spoils”, and “Dear Friend”, also on Fantom. This music video for “The Spoils” was only just released on August 9. This year’s releases were their first since 2010’s ‘Heligoland’ and their collaboration with Burial on Four Walls / Paradise Circus in 2011.