Roberto Palmero’s newest single track EP “Old School Mate!” is a throwback anthem to traditional House in all its funk glory.

Palmero hails from Tenerife, the largest of the Canary Islands of Spain, and has found his niche in a unique array of Deep House, Traditional, and Tech House sounds. Palmero has released music with labels ranging from Noir Music, Fashion Black, and Pure Music to LouLou Records, Lapsus Music, and even King Street Sounds. He’s no stranger to Beatport’s Top 100 list and has produced all styles of House, also including Deep, Nu Disco and Indie Tech too. In 2009 Palmero went on to launch his own label, Pura Music, from whence we get this fabulous EP. His work stands as a tribute to the fun and kickback style of old house, and sets out to show that Old School will never be out of style.

Peep that funky hit here, and stay groovy:

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