We’ve got the new Popeska collaboration for his beautiful EP Spirit Animals and it will leave you utterly dazzled.

“Take You Up On That” is the fourth release on Spirit Animals and a joint endeavor with vocals by ACES. The magical track been hailed as “an irresistible pop gem layered with hushed, luxurious vocals, shimmering synths, and beaming beats that will instantly elevate the mood of whatever atmosphere you’re in”. We can’t agree more. ACES’s voice is positively transcendent and the lyrics hit home hard. The track is a tingling, uplifting beauty beat that can best be described as simply, a dream.

Only 23 years old, Australian-born Popeska (Ralf Popescu) has lived an unusual and exciting life. He was picked up by one of the largest booking agencies in the world before he had even learned how to DJ, and signed a record deal with Wolfgang Gartner’s Kindergarten Recordings before he was old enough to buy a beer. You can read more about his history and experience his emotional third release on the Spirit Animals project, “I Believe”, right here.

Popeska captioned his fourth installment on Soundcloud “Hey @theseACES sang on one of my songs in a hotel room in Colombia and she’s dope and it’s all about life and stuff and it’s sparkly and I hope you like it!” We absolutely do. Experience it for yourself right here:

& also, Happy World Elephant Day.