We’re speaking to Luvian this week, who has made a real impression with new EP “Memories,” with it being snapped up for release via Ultra.

How did the collaboration with Kyra on the EP come around?

I had been looking for singers for the EP and had some tracks on the go with various people. Some of them ended up not going very far. I was put in contact by my manager with a songwriter who lived near me. I sent him some tracks and he came back to me really quickly saying he had the perfect artist for me. Fast forward a few weeks and we did a 2-day session at my studio. We all clicked and the track came together really quickly!

Are there any other singers that you’d love to work with?

LOADS. I would love to work with Sinead Harnett. I think her style and delivery is awesome. Can someone show her this interview? Another artist who I think I could do something great with is a singer called Flores. She’s got a really soulful style.

Do you have a favourite track from “Memories”? If so, which is it and why?

Hmmmmm, I would have to say “Forest”. The track to me has everything in it that I feel makes up my sound. I jammed out a lot of the track live and just kept layering little bits on top each other. It’s also really fun to play this track. There’s so much you can do with a piece like that to really make it different when performing it! It’s one of the first tracks I wrote that I was happy with in a long time!

Where did the name Luvian come from? And how long have you been making music?

I was in my first year at Uni and had just really started taking my productions in a new direction. Figured I needed a name for this so I literally typed into Google “fancy words.” It brought up a page that had thousands of words and their meanings. I just scrolled for hours and saw the name Luvian. It’s an old Indo-European language… it was a supremely simple discovery and yeah, done!

What are some of the best and worst things about being a musician?

I don’t really think there is anything bad about being a musician. The only potential drawback is the fact that as a single producer, a lot of time is spent in the studio just by yourself. It’s hard sometimes to stay objective on what your making. Having other people to give input sometimes is really helpful.

The best things… where do you start? If you can manage to earn a living from doing something you love, then what’s not be happy about? For me personally, one of the best things is receiving messages from people who have had really positive experiences from listening to my tracks. It’s really powerful to get things like that, a massive boost!

You’re now based in Brighton – do your surroundings have an impact on your music?

I was in Brighton for about 3 years then I moved back up North. I’m currently living in Leeds. I was in Brighton for the start of Luvian and it definitely had a huge impact on my music. I lived in a shared flat on the beach front – it would be pretty hard for such a relaxed surrounding not to have an effect on my productions. I used to walk on the beach with my headphones in and try to listen to as much different music as I could. On one of old tracks “Waves”, I recorded the ambience of the beach and just played it over the top of the track. It’s such a bustling, fun place with so much music that you feel quite energetic and inspired to do the same. Moving back to Leeds, it’s definitely a much more quiet atmosphere. I’m not as exposed to live music as I was down there. This is both a good thing and a bad thing. I think its been really helpful in making this EP, however. I have had the space to just focus on my own sound.

What’s the best piece of advice you’ve been given from your peers?

To learn your equipment. It’s really important to develop musically but I think it’s also equally important to develop technically. I’ve invested a lot of time learning all my gear. My workflow has improved so much in the last couple of years. I find myself not loosing track of ideas as I can get everything down straight away. I used to spend to much time getting something to sound right, the essence of the idea would just go. You want the operation of your stuff to be second nature. This lets you fully concentrate on the music! The great thing is you can Google and YouTube everything!

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