The Gemio Band recently took to Kickstarter to launch their project, which is the first wearable accessory to use light and special effects to bring an entirely new level of interaction to events. This band is the first wearable accessory to use light in order to help you connect friends, express personal style, and contribute to the show at concerts and events.  Gemio also partnered with Love is Louder, a nonprofit movement created by The Jed Foundation and actress Brittany Snow, to support programs that combat issues like bullying, negative self-image and discrimination. Snow actually directed the launch video herself.

LED lights and patterns on the Gemio Band are responsive to movement, music and proximity to others. Features include special light effects, including group light effects or DJ-controlled effects, signals, and switchable “Tiles” that let you change the look and feel of your band whenever you want. New styles and 3D shapes for the band will be released regularly, and soon you will be able to create your own designs.


An easy-to-use app lets you define what different signals mean and assign specific colors for friends, so you can send fun messages between each other. The app will also let you subscribe to Gemio Channels for your favorite artist, teams or charities to receive specialized light signals when a new song is released or event is announced, your favorite team scores, or when it’s time to take action for a good cause.

“The best experiences in life are the ones where we’re in the moment, expressing our true selves and connecting with friends in a real way,” explains Michael Bettua, CEO and co-founder of Gemio. “Gemio’s technology was developed to enhance those experiences by easily adapting to our personal styles, immersing us in the moments we care about (sports, music, causes) and giving us the freedom to stay connected to our friends in those moments without staring at a phone screen.”

Gemio is launching on Kickstarter to expand the capabilities of the band and create additional customizable options for tiles and textures. Between now and August 20, you can pre-order the Gemio Band here. The Early Bird bands start at $49 and swappable Tiles start at $10. Product shipment is scheduled for November 2016.