We all know Deadmau5 isn’t afraid to speak his mind, especially when it comes to his career and the music industry. So when a fan asked him via livestream what advice he would give to up and coming artists, he decided to sit down and share his wisdom with his fans.

“Getting started as an independent artist, I can tell you all about that because I was exactly f*cking that..I wasn’t scooped up by Tiesto and piggybacked to the stage of Ultra…you’ve gotta do some work” he begins.

Joel Zimmerman, aka the man behind the dead mouse mask, stresses throughout the 30 minute livestream how important human to human contact is in an industry now ruled by cyberspace and social media.

“You have to realize that you want to make music for people, not for the f*ckin’ internet, not for blogs, not for all this other sh*t…I would focus on being very offline” he says. “Take in music and go to a f*ckin’ nightclub, meet a DJ, go to a radio station… it’s still old school as f*ck. Honestly connections made in person are a million billion times more valuable.”

After using his colleague Skrillex as an example of how vital career connections are better made in person, Zimmerman goes into personal detail about when he was first noticed as an artist and how hard he had to work to get from there to where he is today.

“I’ve got a minute so I’ll give you my life story…”