Little less than a month ago the city of Boom, Belgium, was transformed into a glittering fairy-tale Fantasyland for its yearly hosting of the most prestigious festival in EDM: Tomorrowland. If there is one thing I have to experience now before I die, it’s this. A big thanks to Tomorrowland’s transporting and magical Aftermovie for adding a new (first) item to my bucket list.

When it comes to setting and style, this festival stands unmatched. Tomorrowland boasts one of the most famous and visually astounding main stages in the world. This year’s festival theme, “Elixir of Life”, was manifested gorgeously through the artificial lush forest and winding ledges that acted as Tomorrowland’s intricate main stage. But the true beauty to be found here goes far beyond a forested platform and wild special effects, and the ‘Elixir of Life’ so desperately sought by the world over was found there that weekend in Boom. Quite simply, it’s pure happiness.

The video sets up the incredible journey to Belgium as though you were a fairy tale character embarking on the journey of a lifetime. From the rave plane that delivers you there to the quaint, Disney World style antiquated surroundings, this festival takes you out of time and transports you to a world far from our own. The film shows off some of the most magical events, shows, stages and highlight moments from the festival weekend. Most importantly, it shows off the happy faces of those lucky friends and artists alike who made beautiful memories at Tomorrowland together.

You can experience it all again, or witness the magic for the first time, with the official Tomorrowland 2016 Aftermovie below: