In a recent interview with Rolling Stone, EDM mogul and producer Diplo spoke fondly of the music he made with ex-girlfriend and singer/rapper M.I.A. He reflected on how their fights would always lead to great tracks. However, after a publicly ugly break-up, the once-lovebirds turned to frenemies, squashing all hope of another collab.

Fast forward to now, and the two – now apparently friends again –  have squashed their beef with the release of a new collaboration, “Bird Song.” The track can be found on M.I.A.’s upcoming album A.I.M. amongst 17 other tracks.

The odd thing about the track, however, is that it already exists on the album… as a collab with someone else. Blaqstarr, a frequent collaborator with M.I.A., produced the “Bird Song” that Interscope Records decided to release after blocking the approval of Diplo’s version.

Dissing Diplo’s track stemmed from the drama in the two musicians’ past relationship. M.I.A.’s signing to Interscope caused a heated demise fueled by Diplo’s jealousy, and essentially the beginning of the end of the couple.

Now, with the release of “Bird Song,” it looks like M.I.A. and Diplo have finally reached a long-awaited reconciliation. A.I.M. is set to release Sept. 9, but “Bird Song” can be heard below.