Tom Swoon has teamed up with Kill the Buzz to release their catchy new summer beat “All The Way Down”. Back in early July we got the first-hand scoop on Tom, his inspirations, and his ever-expanding life as a DJ; you can read all about Tom in our exclusive interview here. This brand new track been an idea in the making for the last two years and finally, today, the hit has been released on Revealed Recordings.

The track opens with wistful guitar tones drifting alongside the soulful vocals of Vaughan, then stirring in the snares for an overwhelmingly thick build up. When the track drops, a massive synth lead is introduced that is a stark contrast to the breakdown, incorporating a complicated and balanced super-fun beat. The lyrics to this song are filled to the brim with feeling. The track has been a regular in Tom Swoon’s recent sets and a stands as a for-sure fan favorite.

Check out the pair’s steamy summer sizzler here:

To make the song your own, you can check out a few more ways to stream and purchase here.