If you’ve been in the trap game for a while, then there’s a good chance that UZ (ƱZ)’s “Trap Shit” records ran your life at one point or another. As one the major pioneers of the trap music movement, the masked producer manages to maintain a timeless effect with every record that he puts out.

Hot off the recent release of his recent EP, Magellan, emerges a critically insane new remix of “Trap Shit 16” from UZ himself and MYRNE, who has made a major name for himself in just one year.

The remix is introduced with the same vocals as the original, so all the memories of it come flooding back. But very quickly, the drop turns the track into something entirely different. The first drop is a heavy turned-up dose of UZ’s signature trap-heavy sound, while the second blends future bass and trap in a way that’s brilliantly unexpected. UZ and MYRNE should be an example for all future collabs; the two managed to allow each of their production styles to shine individually, but also together.

As UZ is slowly making appearances around the country again (and with a ton of new music to show for it), we hope this remix is one he makes a set staple. Check out the track below, which is out now on Quality Goods Records and available for free download.