The new Netflix original series, Stranger Things, has taken the cinematic world by storm. It’s by far the most popular series the streaming site has put out all summer, and it’s made big waves in the music world with its acclaimed vintage 80’s style soundtrack. The music for the show was composed by S U R V I V E’s Michael Stein and Kyle Dixon, and just a few weeks ago Netflix released 40 original tracks from the thriller’s score. The show stars Wynona Ryder, a mother desperately looking for her stolen son, and pays homage to the greats of 80’s cinema with its classic Spielberg-style direction.

Sample the Stranger Things, Volume 1 soundtrack via Apple Music below:

Deadmau5 is getting in on the hype by recreating and remixing the show’s super-popular main score on video. Zimmerman joked about the project before on Twitter, writing “i think ill do a cover of the Stranger Things theme… i rekon i have enough vintage gear to pull that off”. Well, he wasn’t wrong. Deadmau5 followed through in what turned out to be a nearly 3-hour-long livestream showing him recreating the track from scratch in his own home studio.

Deadmau5 starts with recreating the basic arpeggios and saw-wave pads before adding some dense drums in at around an hour into the production. From there on he takes the song his own way, completely remixing it into a Deadmau5 style 80’s-esque banger. Check it out in full below, and skip to 55 minutes in to hear the main section of his recreation.

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