Right on the heels of his debut album release, ‘Time Travel’, LA native and EDM guru Gigamesh has just released his new music video for his single, “History”. “History” was the first track released from the record and shows off Damon C. Scott’s vocal versatility while maintaining that true upbeat summer vibe. Giving a nod to the sounds reminiscent of the French Touch movement, Gigamesh utilities a funk infused bass-line and buzzing synths to pair with Scott’s soulful vocals. You can stream the full album for ‘Time Travel’ here.

The video follows actress Ruqayyah Alzona along her journey through Manhattan, with only her dazzling smile and a bouquet of flowers to accompany her. Along the way, through city streets and Central Park, she meets many diverse and happy people who share moments of their afternoon with her. She gifts them each with a single white flower. The candid joy such a small act of kindness can bring to others is the staple of this video, and it just goes to show that when you pay it forward, a little kindness and a smile can take you a very long way.

Check out the beautiful and uplifting video for “History” right here: