Into Glass Animals? Into Tumblr? Cool, we’ve got just the thing for you. Glass Animals are hosting a super special Tumblr IRL event on Wednesday, August 31st at The Auditorium at Village Studios in Los Angeles to celebrate their upcoming sophomore album, How To Be A Human Being. The album will be out August 26th.


The event will consist of a performance by the band as well as a unique collaboration between Glass Animals, multimedia designer Ashten “Whoopi” Winger and Ukrainian pixel artist Mykola “Myk” Dosenko. The exhibit features fictional characters from the album that are based on individuals the band met on tour.

Spotify will record the event as part of Spotify Sessions to be released at a later date.

Dave Bayley, lead vocalist of Glass Animals, explains, “Each song on this album is a different story about a different made-up person. Whoopi wanted to take those imagined characters and create virtual versions of them. Little digital pixelated statues.” Two singles from the album, “Life Itself” and “Youth” already have virtual characters and another has been created for the newest single, “Season 2 Episode 3.”

The event is free to fans of all ages who RSVP. Each attendee will receive a limited edition pressing of How To Be A Human Being with an original 12″ x 12″ print by Whoopi and Myk.

To RSVP, follow the link: