Colorado producer Dirt Monkey just released a brand new album today and it’s impossibly, mind-boggingly good. It’s cosmic, tribal, thrashing, complicated…it’s nearly beyond description, but I’ll do my best. The 11-track collection contains an array of genres and styles and is an absolute stand out work in today’s industry. “CHROMA is an eclectic fusion of genres that takes listeners on a colorful journey through sound. It is a good representation of all the different types of music I’ve been into, and a bold statement of where I want to take my career & what I want to be known for…” Dirt Monkey himself states. The album was released August 30th on his Kairos Audio label, and is free to download (WHAT?!).

Each track is a stand-alone work of art. Some extra tidbits on the album: the track “Work It” was a collaboration, so to speak, with Dirt Monkey’s wife. She really likes twerk music and was basically back-seat driving while he came up with the beat and the basic framework of the song. “Rainbow Road” got its name when he showed the song to a few friends and asked them which level on Mario Kart it reminded them of. 3 of them said “Rainbow Road” at the same time. “Gum Drops”, “Rainbow Road”, “Maui Sunrise”, and “Truffle Shuffle” were all mostly written while riding trains between shows on the east coast in early 2015. Future bass, trap, house and a vast array of other styles and grooves are all represented deftly in CHROMA. The album takes off like a rocket with the namesake track, and never lets you come down. It’s beyond description. Seriously, it’s perfect.

“All I am looking to accomplish as a producer/performer is to take as many people on a journey as I can. To help them turn off their brains & egos and let themselves fall into a trance via my music. I intend to do that via the Dirt Monkey project and other projects in the future that will span farther out. Music and dancing are such crucial innate parts of our lives, and I want to help people tap into those as much as possible”. We think this work is a massive success, and does exactly what Dirt Monkey set out to accomplish. This album is definitely the defining moment in his career thus far. You have to give it a listen.

Check out the full album here and if you love it (we know you will), download it for free: